Orange Moth apps for iOS

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Night Clock

One of the simplest clocks you can imagine.

I wanted a very simple, analogue, dark clock face to have beside my bed at night. The exactness of digits stimulates my brain so I need just to get a vague idea of the time – a perfect job for a numberless analogue face.

But, just in case the insomnia kicks in, a brief period with the second hand might help you out – touch and hold the clock face for a second, then as it fades, so might you.


Stretch Timer is a simple timer for getting the perfect muscle stretches. When stretching, it is important to hold the stretch for the right amount of time to get all the benefits.

Spin the selectors to select the number of seconds for each stretch - up to 60 seconds – and each rest interval, then the number of repetitions required. When you tap the main display, you'll get a 5-second count-in, and then the display will guide you through each stretch and rest period, optionally with an audible tone at the start and end of each stretch.

It's that simple to use, and simple to follow, which means you get the perfect stretch every time.

IMPORTANT: Always consult a health professional before commencing a stretching routine.


Magical Creatures (Sticker Pack)

A collection of magical creatures including magnificent dragons and mythical horses, from original hand drawn artwork by Elli Jenks.


NZ Road Signs (Sticker pack)

A selection of 25 official New Zealand road signs chosen for their possible double meanings in your iMessage conversations.

Use the cattle sign to proclaim "Bull!" to your friend's claims. Use the No Entry sign to rebuff those unwelcome self-invites. Use the No Exit sign to tell your kids they can't go out until their chores are done. And lots more possibilities!


Podfeet (Sticker pack)

Are you a NosillaCastaway?

Fans of Allison Sheridan's NosillaCast podcast, along with companion podcasts Chit Chat Across the Pond, Taming the Terminal, and Programming by Stealth can show their love for these great shows by sending the show art as stickers in Messages!

As a bonus, there is also a pair of podfeet.

This sticker pack was authorised by NosillaCast queen, Allison.



Orange Moth apps are built of necessity. The first necessity was being able to keep track of limited data caps on broadband and mobile plans. It's one thing to know you've used 75% of your allowance, but are you 75% of the way through the billing month?

Cap Mate solves this problem by allowing you to set up your billing periods for up to 3 services and then providing a quick and easy means to enter your growing usage during the month. The result is a race between the progress bars and the friendly face whose emotion will suggest what yours should be.